Explorer Wallet - Leather Edition

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Style: Explorer Wallet

The Explorer Wallet is the perfect blend of style, convenience, and security. It is highly practical, all-in-one wallet with perfect size that just fit in your pocket. You may think the Explorer Wallet is small in size but surprisingly it can store all you needs. You can confidently take it wherever you go, knowing that it will withstand the rigors of daily use. It will definitely be your best travel and daily companion.

 Don't settle for an ordinary wallet when you can have this versatile and practical option that will keep your belongings safe and organized in every venture.

  • Made of genuine leather in navy and dark beige colors
  • Store up to 5 cards in the aluminum card case. Simply pull the trigger and you will see all the available cards
  • Once you press your cards back, they will be locked securely in the RFID blocking card case, and  protected against electronic data theft
  • Compartment for coins/keys/AirTag
  • Compartment for banknotes
  • 2 card slots
  • Hidden slot for SD card, sim card and sim card eject pin
  • Pen Loop integrated on spine to hold a travel pen in place securely
  • A travel pen is included (black ink) 
  • Magnetic closure
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 20mm x 104mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The card slider, a slot for cash, and a coin pockets -- It has everything I need! The magnet for closing and opening makes it super convenient, gives the wallet a nice shape, and serve as a little fidget toy while twiddling thumbs. The wallet also have the pen and SD card slot is nice to have for showing off.

And it's all packaged within a elegant blue and brown leather AFFORDABLE compact case!! I was constantly tired of how every wallet is the uninspiring black so having a new color is refreshing!

I keep recommending all my friends to buy this wallet (but people don't usually buy wallet so it's hard to convince them to suddenly buy a new wallet..! [it's their loss anyway])

Christopher Lee
Great product

Its quality, style, and practicality make it a standout choice.

Matthew Taylor
Sleek and Functional

This wallet seamlessly combines sleek aesthetics with functional features, allowing you to carry your cards, cash, SD cards, SIM cards, and pen in one organized accessory.

Nathan Anderson
Travel-friendly Companion

A great travel companion

Samuel Wilson
Always Prepared

The built-in pen, along with the SD card and SIM card slots, ensures that you're always prepared and have everything you need in one compact wallet.