Our Story

ADD1D is a small team of backpack and bag lovers who believe backpack and bag is not only accessory but also companion of modern mankind. A little but right functionality could make life a huge betterment.

With passion in designing innovation things, we strive to make products fit for various scenario, professions and people.

Cradle of ADD1D 

The idea of ADD1D began when a young executive traveled around the Europe in celebration of his MBA graduation. While travel could be enjoyable, especially in the heaven alike Santorini of Greece, it could be full of challenges as well. Having experienced the risk of theft and severe weather condition, he realized that a reliable and functional backpack is an indispensable partner of a journey. Yet, the products in the market could be better. It is when and where the idea of ADD1D was born.

Dream Came True 

In 2021, working with a small team of backpack lovers, he setup a design studio in Hong Kong and formed the ADD1D Team to create backpack which could be a true companion of a journey. 

 With the supports from people all around the world on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, we created our first product, AT26 PACK, the Versatile Anti-Theft Backpack. The supports from backers not only made our idea and design come true, but also encouraged us in the journey of creating great products. 

Add Something Nice!

We love creating new things so we keep creating more and more nice things to make our world nicer than before!


ADD1D is our brand name. It is our DNA as well! Being Hongkongers, we mixed our brand name with Cantonese. It means adding something more. We hope to add something nice to our world and make it nicer than before!